1. NAME
    The name of the Association shall be the International E-Boat Class Association.
    The emblem of the Association shall be a stylized capital letter E.
    The objects of the Association shall be:

a. to promote, develop and govern E-Boat racing in all countries under uniform rules, and

b. to maintain the E-Boat as a class capable of racing safely offshore whilst remaining within the financial reach of the man of moderate means, and

c. to provide means whereby all persons who have an interest in the E-Boat, whether they are owners, crew, or supporters,`and whether their interest is in racing or cruising, may combine together for racing, sailing or social pleasure.

    It shall be the Policy of the Association to co-operate with all other yachting organizations, in return for which observance and enforcement of the rules of the E-Boat Class are expected.
    The Association has final jurisdiction over all E-Boat activities. The powers of the Association shall be vested in and administered by the Governing Committee (GC). The Constitution, By-Laws, and One-Design Class Rules are binding upon all members, Fleets, and National Branches and govern all E-Boat races, except as modified by the Constitution for National Branches, in which case the modified provisions shall be binding upon members of National Branches.

a. A new fleet may be granted Association approval upon an application being made by four or more full members who are owners of four or more E-Boats, proposing to race in a locality outside that of an existing Approved Fleet. Approved Fleets that fall in number below four boats may have their approval revoked by the Governing Committee.
b. Approval shall only be granted to a fleet that is based upon a recognized sailing club and that has the consent of that club.

c. Each fleet must elect its own officers to include a Fleet Captain and Fleet Secretary. The Fleet shall be self-governing in all matters not conflicting with the Association Rules. 

d. The owners of all E-Boats comprising an Approved Fleet must be full members of the Association.
e. Groups of Fleets in localities established from time to time by the Governing Committee shall constitute Areas.


a. When two or more Approved Fleets are established in any one country or fifteen or more full members are registered in any one country, the Governing Body may establish a National Branch.

b. A National Branch shall be organized and run in accordance with the Constitution for National Branches but shall be self governing in all matters not conflicting with the Association Rules.

    Association subscriptions and fees shall be fixed by By-Laws and Fleet subscriptions, if any, by the Fleet. Both must be paid before an Association member can be in good standing.

a. There shall be two classes of membership, as follows:-
(i) Full Member. A full member must be an owner or part owner of an E-Boat. If he ceases to qualify as a full member he shall nevertheless retain his status until the end of the relevant subscription year. A full member may hold office, vote, and skipper an E-Boat in events recognized or organized by the Association.
(ii) Associate Member. An associate member is a non-owner member and may not hold Association office nor vote on certain matters at Annual General Meetings or postal ballots. In other respects the rights and responsibilities of associate members are the same as those of full members.

b. A member may not belong to more than one Fleet at the same time, nor may an E-Boat be registered in more than one Fleet at the same time.

c. An E-Boat participating in an event recognized or organized by the Association must be skippered by a member of the Association.

d. The Governing Committee may, in the interests of the Association, grant full member status to any person not qualified for such membership in accordance with this section.

    The following officers shall be elected annually by postal vote of the full membership:

a. President. The President is the chief executive of the Association. He shall preside at meetings of the Association and serve as chairman of the Governing Committee. He has sole authority to authorize payment of bills.

b. Vice President. The Vice President shall perform the duties of President in his absence and shall have such powers and responsibilities as the President shall from time to time confer upon him.

c. Treasurer. The Treasurer is the custodian of the financial assets of the Association, and shall keep the Association’s books and financial records, and securities, and shall place funds in such accounts as are approved by the GC. He shall disburse funds only on the written order of the President.

d. Secretary. The Secretary shall keep minutes of meetings. He shall have charge over the day to day business of the Association, including:
(i) maintaining communication with individual members, Fleets, and National Branches;
(ii) maintaining central records and keeping registers of E-Boats and members;
(iii) keeping a cash book and making bank deposits;
(iv) administering all other details connected with the operation of the head office.


a. Nominations: Nominations for Association Officers must be forwarded to the Secretary on or before 1st May. Nominations must be supported by two full members.

b. Eligibility: A candidate for office, before his name can be placed on the ballot, must certify in writing that he is willing to serve and if elected will be able to attend Governing Committee meetings held in London at least once per month. A candidate must be a full member at the time of nomination and the time of voting.

c. Voting: Each full member will be sent an official ballot form. Completed forms must be returned in a sealed envelope to the secretary on or before the 1st June.

d. Election: The sealed ballot papers shall be opened and counted by the GC on the earliest date following the closing date that the GC can meet. For the purpose of the election the GC shall appoint a full member who is not himself a candidate for office to witness the opening of the ballot papers and the counting of votes.


The powers of the Association are vested in the Governing Committee (GC), subject to the limitations imposed by the Constitution and By-Laws of the Association. The members of the GC shall hold office for one calendar year and thereafter until a successor GC has been ratified by the Annual General Meeting of the Association. The GC shall consist of the president, who shall be its chairman, the Vice President, the Treasurer and at least three and not more than seven Full Members designated annually, on or before 1st July, by the President designate, and ratified by the Annual General Meeting. Promptly after being ratified to take office the GC shall publish a list of appointed officers and Committee for the coming year and may act on other matters pertaining to its term of office.

The Governing Committee is empowered to:

(i) Transact all business of the Association;

(ii) Purchase and sell securities;

(iii) Decide all inter-member, inter-Fleet, and inter-Branch disputes;

(iv) Approve the establishment of Fleets and fix or alter Area boundaries; (v) Approve the formation of National Branches;

(vi) Approve race Committees for Area and National Championships and appoint a race Committee for the World Championships;

(vii) Determine questions of the policy of the Association;

(viii) Suspend Members of the Association, subject to provisions of the Constitution;

(ix) Appoint Members of the One-Design and Measurement Committee and to Special Committees as required;

(x) Appoint Area Representatives;

(xi) Promote the development of the Class, particularly the formation of new fleets;

(xii) Act upon any other matters not otherwise provided for by the Constitution and By-Laws of the Association.

(xiii) In all disputes affecting individual Members, Fleets, Areas or Branches, the Governing Committee shall seek to obtain the views of those Members, Fleets, Areas, or Branches, by such means as is considered appropriate.

    The following Committee Members and Officers shall be appointed by the GC from the Full Members of the Association, to serve the calendar year of the term of the Committee:

a. One-Design and Measurement Committee (ODMC): The ODMC shall consist of at least two and not more than five full members. The ODMC shall supervise all matters related to measurement and the protection of the One-Design status of the E-Boat Class, appoint measurers as required, grant or reject measurement certificates, sell plans and specifications, and answer questions relating to measurement and the One-Design Class Rules.

b. Area Representatives: The Area Representative shall be responsible for general supervision of E-Boat activities in his Area, for checking entries to approved events, and shall be Chairman of special E-Boat race Committees are approved Championships in his Area.


a. An Annual General Meeting of the Association Membership shall be held at time and place fixed by the Governing Committee, and which shall whenever possible be held during the period of an in the vicinity of the UK National Championships.

b. Notice of such meeting together with the Agenda, and any notices in support of or against any proposed amendments, shall be sent to members not later than one month before the date of the meeting.

c. The full members present at an Annual General Meeting shall constitute a Quorum.

d. Any members may be heard but in general only full members may vote on motions. However the Chairman may rule that Associate Members be allowed to vote on any motion that directly affects the Associate Membership. e. Except when otherwise specified in the Constitution, a majority vote shall decide all questions, In the event of a tied vote the Chairman shall cast the deciding vote.

f. The Chairman may impose a time limit on speakers or debate.

g. The order of business at an Annual General Meeting shall be:
(i) Roll call of members present;
(ii) Approval of minutes;
(iii) Matters arising;
(iv) Reports of Officers;
(v) Ratification of Governing Committee members;
(vi) Proposed amendments;
(vii) Other new business;
(viii) Adjournment.


a. Suspension: A member may be suspended by the Governing Committee for gross violation of the Class Rules, or for unsportsmanlike conduct, or after due warning for willful and persistent disregard of rulings. The duration of the suspension is fixed by the General Committee but may not exceed the Governing Committee’s term of office.

b. Expulsion: A member may be expelled by three-fourths vote of members at an Annual General Meeting, with or without cause.


a. The Constitution, By-Laws, One-Design Class Rules, Plan and Specifications can never be suspended but may be amended, except as specified in paragraph b. of this section, by the following procedure. Any member may propose an amendment by forwarding such amendment to the Governing Committee not later than three months before an Annual General Meeting. The Governing Committee shall publish such proposed amendment not later than one month prior to such meeting. Each duly proposed amendment must be submitted for consideration and vote at the appropriate annual meeting and to be adlopted it must be approved by a three-fourths vote. An approved amendment shall take effect from the 1st January following. Members or groups including the Governing Committee for or against an amendment resolution may set forth their views on one sheet of printed matter, at their own expense, to be enclosed with the notice of the annual meeting at which the amendment is to be voted on.

b. The basic principles of Sections 3, 4, 5 and 9 of the Constitution cannot be altered. No amendment shall be valid that would render ineligible for membership or racing a member or yacht whose eligibility had been established under existing Rules of the Association, and whose status could not reasonably be changed to conform with the proposed amendment.


    The Association shall not be liable for any debts contracted by its members, Fleets, Areas, or Branches other than for expenditure authorized by the President in writing.

a. All Association members shall register annually. The annual subscription shall be:
(i) for full members Five pounds
(ii) for associate members Two pounds

b. Subscriptions are due on 1st October.

c. The Governing Committee shall have power to vary subscriptions by notice to all members on or before 1st September.

    A yacht is eligible and considered to be in the E-Boat Class only if it conforms to the Official Plans, Specification, and One-Design Class Rules, has been properly registered and is owned or skippered by a member recorded at the time as in good standing with the Association.

a. Names of E-Boats shall be recorded with the Association.

b. Whenever possible E-Boat names should begin with an E.

c. No two E-Boats shall have the same name.

d. The Secretary shall assign a permanent official number to each new E-Boat on application. The number shall be displayed on both sides of the mainsail and on the main bulkhead.

e. If an E-Boat is registered with an official Registration Authority or has an IOR Rating Certificate, the letters and numbers issued with such registration may be displayed on the mainsail in lieu of the E-Boat number. E-Boat owners are required to inform the Secretary of any numbers, other than the official E-Boat numbers, displayed on their sails.


a. No E-Boat shall be eligible to enter any race for E-Boats, recognized by the Association, until it has been granted a measurement certificate.

b. The Association measurement certificate shall be binding upon all organizations conducting races for E-Boats. An E-Boat holding a valid certificate shall not be subject to re-measurement or protest on re-measurement grounds unless reasonable evidence is available to suggest subsequent alterations have been made. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Governing Committee and the race committee for the National and World Championships may require an E-Boat to be re-measured and any race committee may require any E-Boat to submit proof that its actual sailing weight is not less than 2300 lbs.


a. The following measuring procedures apply to E-Boats built by licensed builders:

(i) An officially appointed measurer will certify to the Association that the production moulds of a licensed builder comply with the official plans and that the production methods and materials used comply with the Official Specifications.
(ii) All E-Boat hulls, keels, and rudders produced by licensed builders from approved moulds will be certified by the builder as complying with the official plans and specifications. A duly certified card will be issued by the builder to the purchaser.
(iii) It shall be the responsibility of the owner to arrange for measurement of spars, rigging, and sails. The measurer must sign the measurement card to the effect that the spars, rigging, and sails comply with the One-Design Rules.
(iv) The measurement card, duly signed by the builder, sail measurer, and owner must be forwarded to the Secretary for registration and authorization by One-Design and Measurement Committee. The measurement card is not valid until signed on behalf of the Association. It shall then be retained as the measurement Certificate.

b. E-Boats built by persons other than licensed builders shall be subject to special measurement arrangements. Application for measurement should be made to the Secretary of the Association at an early stage in the construction.

    The Governing Committee may recognize any event for E-Boats as an authorized event, and may outlaw any event for sufficient cause.



a. Except as modified by this Constitution, the Constitution, By-Laws, and One-Design Class Rules of the International E-Boat Class Association are binding upon all members.

b. Additionally the provisions of this Constitution are binding upon members of National Branches.

c. In all matters not conflicting with Association Rules, National Branches shall be self-governing.


a. A new Fleet may be granted approval in accordance with Association Rules by the Managing Committee (MC).

b. Approved Fleets that no longer accord with Association Rules may have their Approval revoked by the Managing Committee.

c. The Managing Committee shall notify the Governing Committee of all Fleets whose Approval is revoked. Such notice shall include a complete list of yachts and members comprising such Fleets.

d. The Managing Committee may establish Areas and appoint Area Representatives and shall notify the Governing Committee of the extent of such areas and the names of the Area Representatives.

    A National Branch may fix such subscriptions and fees as it considers appropriate, but shall each year forward to the Governing Committee a sum equal to one half of the subscription laid down by the By-Laws for each member of the Branch. The half subscription so forwarded on behalf of members with maintain their membership status either as Full or Associate members of the International E-Boat Association as the case may be.

a. A National Branch shall elect or appoint officers by such means as are considered appropriate. Such Officers must include a Chairman and a Secretary.

b. Duties and responsibilities may be assigned to officers as are considered appropriate except that:

(i) The Chairman shall be the Chief Executive of the National Branch and shall serve as Chairman of the Managing Committee.

(ii) The Secretary shall be responsible for maintaining communication with the GC. He shall keep registers of E-Boats and members fo the Branch and shall forward copies of these registers to the Governing Committee.

    All business of a National Branch shall be managed by a Managing Committee. The Managing Committee may be elected or appointed in such manner as is considered appropriate and shall comprise of the Chairman and as many full members as required. The Managing Committee is empowered to:

a. Transact all the business of the National Branch.

b. Decide all inter-member and inter-Fleet disputes.

c. Approve the establishment of Fleets and fix or alter Area boundaries.

d. Approve race committees for Area and National Championships.

e. Appoint Area Representatives.

f. Promote the development of the Class, particularly by encouraging the formation of new Fleets.

g. Act upon any other matters not otherwise provided for by the Association Rules and which are specifically the concern of the National Branch only.

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